- Fotografii despre Fagaras, Gura Portitei si alte destinatii de vacanta.
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Some sort of welcome ...

Here already? Great! The most difficult part is over :-). From now on you're in good hands.

The idea of this site initially came from the need to share with my friends some of the pictures taken during the many mountain climbings that I have done especially in Fagaras Mountains. Soon after the sudden death of my first website (thanks again, USY! :-P) I decided to start over. This time, with reinforcements, I moved from the old, static HTML website to this new one who is benefiting of technologies like PHP and mySQL. Here I would like to mention my best friend, Snake :-) who worked a lot for creating this website. God knows how many sleepless nights he created patches to fix the usual bugs and problems.

My name is Iova Dark (aka iova) and I’m inviting you to enjoy dream landscapes from unknown wild places in Romania and not only.

Plus, if you already know me I’m inviting you to sign up and you will have access to the movies section as well as to some more photo categories. Also you will find out a guest book where you could share your feedbacks about this website.

At Gura Portitei ...

One of the most beautiful places that I discovered in 2004 was Gura Portitei where I spent a wonderful weekend. Pity that the weather was not so nice. Anyway it is a destination that you will never regret that you visited.

We returned to Gura Portitei in 2005 and again in 2006. In 2006 we experienced a strange phenomenon: during the moonless night the sea was glowing in the dark when swimming around millions of tiny animals - it was incredible.

In Photo section you will find some great pictures taken at Gura Portitei this place lost in time that soon will became the new Vama Veche. Portita is a strange combination of desert-endless beaches and bungalows with air conditioning and cable TV.

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- November 2006 - One weekend spent at Negoiu Cabin in Fagaras Mountains
- August 2006 - The third trip to Gura Portitei

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- October 2006 - Iova Birthday
- September 2006 - 11 years Highschool reunion
- August 2006 - My nephew Nichita



In case you have questions or problems feel free to contact me on e-mail at the following address: iova007 at yahoo

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